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Nov 2, 2013

Go Where (Sector 5 Salt Lake)

Chicken Drumstick at Go Where Restaurant Sector V Salt Lake Kolkata
Chicken Drumstick
Located just opposite to RDB Big Cinemas main entrance of Sector V, this multi-cuisine food joint, Go Where has become one of the most favourite hangout destinations for Office, IT crowd and nearby college folks. Due to its cheap alcohol and average food price, this restaurant cum bar is crowded on most weekends and weekday evenings. Dimly lit with couches this joint has 2 sections. The inner section is well decorated and cozy compared to outer section. The music they play in the background is popular Bollywood movie tracks and it’s too loud to hear even your own voice. They allow smoking inside the restaurant, which I feel can be disturbing to some visitors. This lounge is surely not a place for family visits. The seating arrangement is better in the inner segment of the restaurant, whereas the front section is overcrowded due to small place and poor seating arrangement.

Oct 16, 2013

Kobe Sizzlers (City Centre Salt Lake)

Kobe Sizzlers Salt Lake North Kolkata
Kobe Sizzlers Interiors
Perhaps Kobe Sizzlers is the only Restaurant in Kolkata which devotes to serving only Sizzlers apart from sandwiches and a few starters. Situated in the heart of City Center Salt Lake, Kobe Sizzlers is the true flavor of the very contemporary European grills and steaks. They have been the oldest Sizzler restaurant chain in India since it opened its door in Mumbai in 1975. They now have over 19 outlets in not only cities of India but abroad as well. Thick wooden tables, jute stringed chairs and modern abstract paintings on the wall make the décor. Interesting pieces of intricate wooden artwork separate each table from one another. There are cushioned long low benches on one side which maybe a bit uncomfortable for those requiring a back rest. The ambiance is pretty sophisticated.

Oct 6, 2013

Azad Hind Dhaba (Salt Lake Sector 5 Globsyn)

Azad Hind Dhaba Globsyn Crystals Salt Lake Sector V
Azad Hind Dhaba Sector 5 Interiors
After its first Salt Lake outlet near College More Sector 5, Azad Hind Dhaba has come up with a new branch at Globsyn Crystals building, Salt Lake Sector V. It’s a quite massive outlet spanned in 2 levels having capacity to accommodate 78 persons. Always crowded with regular office a goer of this area, this popular Punjabi Dhaba serves you till midnight (Till 3 a.m. at night during festive seasons of Durga Puja, Diwali & Christmas. This particular outlet is decorated after Bengal and Punjab rural arts (terracotta patachitra on the mud walls), with big chakras (painted cartwheels) and dim lights of Terracotta Lamps hanging from the bamboo rafters. The air conditioned restaurant makes you feel seated in a normal roadside dhaba by its amazing clay wall decoration and terracotta art work.

Sep 28, 2013

Caramelle (Ballygunge)

Caramelle Cafe Ballygunge South Kolkata
Caramelle Interiors
Kolkata has many cafes where you can grab a cup of coffee anytime. Similarly the latest addition being the “Caramelle” (Le patisserie Cakewalk: A bakery specializing in French pastry) at Jhowtala Road in Ballygunge (near Syed Amir Ali Avenue crossing) which is a perfect gateway for today’s generation. The café aims to introduce a European-styled bistro culture to the city. The owner of the shop has put together two page beverages, three page vegetarian and five page non- vegetarian menu.


Dine Out:

Hangover Brunch @ Mythh, HHI
@ AJC Bose Rd.
On till Nov 30th
Kickstart your weekend with an Pan Asian & Western Brunch + live entertainment.
Price: Rs. 2200 per person.
Timing: Noon - 4 pm every weekend.

Diwali Feast @ Khandani Rajdhani, Avani Riverside Mall
On till
Dec 5th
Celebrate diwali with some delectable dishes from the royal places of India such as Mattar khasta roll, Hariwali Patra, Barsa Dolla, Dakor na gota Nu chat, Jodhpuri Pakoda, leelwa kachori and much more.
Priced Individually.
Timing: 12 pm onwards.

Weekend Lunch Buffet @ Benjarong, South City Mall.
On till
Dec 29th
The delightful lunch menu consists of lip-smacking starters while main course comprises Babycorn Tartlets, Mushroom Garlic & Pepper with rice or noodles and Fried Chicken wings etc.
Price: Rs. 600 + Taxes.
Timing: 12:00 pm - 4 pm

Beer & Pizza Weekends @ Back to the Desi Cafe, Sector V, Salt Lake
On Till Nov
Chicken Tikka pizza, Four Cheese pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Mushroom, Corn, Olives & Jalapenos Pizza, the list goes on.
Price: Buffet- Rs. 799 + Taxes (Per Person)
A La Carte- Rs. 499 + taxes for Veg platter and Rs. 599 + taxes for Non-Veg platter.
Timing: Noon - Midnight. (Fri - Sun)

Sunday Brunch @ Durbari, City Centre 2, Rajarhat
On till
Nov 30th.
Gorge into a wide variety of Indian dishes like murgh kastoori kebab, hing matar ke tikka, sarson maach, pindi channa, Daal Durbari etc.

Price: Rs. 1000 plus taxes per person
Timing: 12:30 pm - 3 pm

Maha Bhoj @ Aaheli, Axis Mall, New Town Rajarhat
And Peerless Inn Hotel, JL Nehru Road
On till
Nov 14th.
Relish traditional food from both parts of Bengal, east & west, Old zamindari cuisine along with the cuisine of Thakurbari.
Priced Individually.
Timing: 12:30 pm to 11 pm.

Diwali Special @ Lazeez, Rashbehari Connector
On till Nov 19th
Gorge on Lazeez special masala biriyani, mutton roganjosh, mutton do piaza, chicken rezala, chicken tikka masala etc.
Price: Rs. 500 plus taxes for 2 persons.
Timing: Noon to 11:30 pm

Puja Special @ Chowman, 99 Ballygunge Place.
On till Nov 19th
Experience Chinese exoticism with Tai Chin Chicken, Dragon Chicken, Chinese style bar-b-que chicken, Chicken tai pei, kowloon fish, lachu lamb, prawn in chili mountain sauce etc.
Price: Rs. 700 plus taxes for 2 persons.
Timing: Noon to midnight.

Sunday Lunch Buffet @ Kebab-E-Que, The Astor Hotel, Shakespeare Sarani.
On till Nov 17th
Please your platter with special selection of delicious vegetarian and non-veg Kebabs.
Price: Rs. 700 plus taxes for two persons.
Timing: Noon to 3:30 pm

Gourmet Gali @ Piccadilly Square
On till Oct 30th
On its 5th anniversary, they bring you with the best of European & Indian street food like puchka with taboulleh & Apple Jalapeno Pani, Tex-Mix Paapri Chaat, Bombay Spcl Vada Pav, Kathi rolls & much more. The sweet conclusion includes Nolen Gur Mousse Cannoli & Bun Cinna-Maska Chai.
Price: Rs. 80 onwards (Individual)
Address: 16 L Judges Court (Alipore) and 15B Sarat Bose Rd. (Lansdowne), Ph. No.: 22901609 / 40050706
Timing: 2 - 10 pm

Oriental Flavours @ The Orient, city centre 2, Rajarhat
On till Oct 30th
Four course lunch menu includes soup, rice, noodles, dimsums and desserts - Braised preserved szechuan vegetables with vermicelli, Kumpao chicken with roasted chilli and more.
Price: Rs. 249 + Taxes per person.
Timing: 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm